Summer Programs

teams_presentation.jpgPROGRAMME NAME

“COSMOCAMP” Summer Language Camp

Children and young people between the ages of 7 through 17 years of age. 

Fixed dates

The dates of the summer 2024 sessions are as follows:

Session 1 – June 25th to July 8th
Session 2 – July 10th to July 23rd

Prospective participants choose themselves which session(s) they want to attend. There is no limit of number of sessions attended. Participation in both sessions will certainly give you more opportunities to experience the culture, learn the language, interact with people, enjoy a larger excursion, cultural and socializing program.

The summer sessions are run in the children's camp located in the beautiful Altai Mountains area (the Altai Republic). 

A children's and teen's camp.

The programme is aimed at creating opportunities in a diverse multicultural environment and a supportive atmosphere to improve foreign language knowledge, to draw attention to major issues that have global importance and affect the world, to explore commonalities and appreciate differences, to promote cultural awareness and peace, and build common understanding and trust.
Our aim is to help students realize their full potential, thereby educating the whole person. Through educational, social, cultural, entertainment and health-promoting activities the programme seeks to provide a unique learning and play experience designed to develop the whole person .
The Camp provides a professional and friendly atmosphere in which students find it easy to improve their foreign language skills, reveal their creative abilities and talents, acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes, needed to live effectively in the world characterized by ethnic diversity, cultural pluralism and interdependence.

We are dedicated to providing a student with the most excellent supervision possible.
All the students are supervised and each group has a group leader who is normally responsible for between 10 – 15 students and stays with the group 24 hours a day. Everyone can expect a warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere along with professional service. Our goal is that a student has the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience possible during the stay with us. We are determined to ensure that everyone benefits fully from the interaction with other students and the staff. The Head of Studies, the Social Programme Coordinator and the Programme Director are constantly monitoring the programme to assure that everyone is enjoying the stay and taking advantage of the many activities offered by the camp.
Parents are allowed to the programme.

International students have a choice of the language(s) they want to be learning at the Summer Camp. 4 language classes are scheduled daily, except excursion days, from 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. In the afternoon the students attend a Creativity Workshop, which comprises some creative activities such as dancing, singing, acting, drawing, arts and crafts, poetry.

Native English speakers from many countries are brought to the camp to interact and share their experiences with all present. Volunteer teachers attending include those from the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Finland, Australia, the United States, Canada and Poland. Daily they teach English to small classes of carefully grouped students according to age and ability. These lessons are prepared in advance by the teachers and according to the daily theme of the camp; and the teachers are co-ordinated daily by our Head of Studies. The content of the lessons is designed to be interesting and fun as well as educational, ranging in content from simple oral/vocabulary activities and games suitable for complete beginners to the most advanced requirements of the University entrance exams. Recent examples of the daily theme are: films, topical events, social issues, sports and hobbies.wallis_ahern_on_the_right_with_her_russian_friends.jpg

We also attract international students from schools and universities the world over who wish to attend the programme to improve their Russian Language skills. Recently these have included several students of school age from Sweden and America. Students have attended from the leading Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity College, Dublin and St. Andrew's, Edinburgh.
At the end of the camp diplomas and certificates are awarded according to ability and achievement.

For more details on the Russian course offered at the summer camp click here.

Teaching consists of a combination of role play, demonstrations, games, exercises, quizzes, treasure hunts and other techniques. A variety of approaches are used to keep the programme fresh and fun. All programmes are geared to specific age groups. The depth of coverage and approach differ considerably between the teenagers' and children's programmes.

The cultural program of the Summer Camp integrates language education into exciting daily activities which in addition to the daily language classes, also include arts and crafts projects, Creativity Workshops, sports and outdoor activities, music and drama, games and contests, art and drawing, inventive engaging performances and shows.

The Camp lives a full cultural and social life. The educational theme is developed through a range of social activities in which all those attending participate. Both the students and the teachers are grouped into teams which compete and interact daily in all aspects of daily life thus encouraging social interaction and breaking down of cultural, social and age barriers. Living in a close community helps to develop these social skills and encourages thoughtfulness and respect for others and – above all - a friendly, caring atmosphere which affects and changes for the good the whole character of those attending. Special psychology, dance and vocal courses are run to assist in this aim and to further develop communication skills.

Daily creativity projects are run by the native speakers of the languages taught at the camp together with the Russian team leaders and these are run along the line of the theme of the camp designed to enable students and teachers to better express themselves and develop social skills. Recent example have included improvised drama on a theme, Scottish Country Dancing, creative arts, film-making, and dramatisation of classical literature and mythical stories. The creativity workshops run for one hour every afternoon and are carefully coordinated by our Head of Studies.ben_griffiths_performing_a_dance_at_the_creativity_workshop_presentation.jpg

Each camp has a specific role-play theme which permeates all activities. Daily evening shows develop this theme and provide a venue for drawing together all the camp activities. There is a healthy competition between the teams of teachers and students and points are keenly awarded or deducted from teams for creativity, participation, discipline and all aspects of daily life.

Even the varied sports and healthy activities are linked to the main and daily themes . Beginning with morning exercises with a difference and continuing with afternoon sports and swimming activities all nourished by healthy food and outdoor activities in the beautiful tree-lined territory which is ecologically pure and healthy.

International participants must arrange and pay for their own airfare and ground transportation. 

International participants will need a valid passport for travel to other countries. We provide international participants with the Invitation letter which is a special form issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and allows to apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in the country of residence. International participants are responsible for obtaining visas and paying visa fees. Please contact the appropriate Russian embassy or consulate in your country for requirements.presentation_of_team_4_with_peter_moon_in_the_center.jpg

International participants pay participation fee which includes:
- Accommodation and full board (3 meals a day + a snack) in a summer camp facility located in the Altai mountain area.
- Transportation from/to the local airport in Novosibirsk; transportation from Novosibirsk to the camp in the Altai mountians.
- Visa support (Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival).
- Exciting cultural, social and recreational programme within the summer camp schedule (contests and competitions, shows, discos, sports, social outings, excursions).
- 4 language classes for international students daily except for excursion days.
    For the Summer Camp Participation fees, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..