July – August 2010, January 2011

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at the camp and in the Altai; it was lovely to meet you all, and aside from achieving my goal of improving my Russian language, it was a fantastic way to spend a summer. I'm really grateful for all your help and support (and tolerance with regards to my bizarre Creativity Workshops)! You might also like to know that I've had lots of messages from the kids saying how much fun they had and that they hope to come back.

July – August 2009
I hope to join the Cosmopolitan crew again at some point in the future as I had such a wonderful time with you all in 2009 and would love to return to Russia.

July – August 2009

June 2009

I enjoyed my time in Novosibirsk immensely and hope to return regularly to the camp after my studies here and subsequent final year in Newcastle are completed. I would like to thank you for the experience and from the warmth I received from all of you, it has definitely been a most positive experience that I shall always treasure and speak dearly about.

June 2008
I had an amazing time in Russia, and owe you many thanks. If I had not had your help in planning my trip, I am sure that never in my life would I have seen any of the places in Russia which you helped me to visit. I had such a good experience, and the independence I gained has helped me to change and mature as a person - good things, of course!
I promise to tell as many people as possible about the camp, it's such a great experience, and a really good chance to get to know new people - and of course, witness a small part of the culture of such an enigmatic country.

Ricardo Michue-Bendezu and Students at the Disco.JPGJuly 2004
I'm glad of having enjoyed the Siberian experience, thanks.

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I would like to recommend the programme run by the Educational Centre Cosmopolitan of which Natalia Bodrova is principal. I have been participating in these programmes for several years as a volunteer teacher. I was a teacher and head of department in UK schools for many years but now I live and work in France.
I do not have any official connection with the programme but I have been so impressed that I have returned for several years in order to participate and to improve my Russian skills.

For many years Cosmopolitan has run highly successful and unique educational and cultural programmes in delightful countryside just outside Novosibirsk. At the Summer Camps from June through to August and at the 'Winter Wonderland' Season, children and students from all over Siberia are brought together to study English and other languages under the guidance of both Russia and volunteer teachers from all over the world. I don't think another such programme exists in Russia and provides opportunity for students and volunteer teachers to experience the real culture of Russia whilst learning Russian.

I can greatly recommend the programme. They attract students and volunteer teachers from all over the world and they all enjoy it and often return for more! Ages of the international students range from about eleven years upwards and many are University Students in their late teens. Others are older professional people who are wanting to improve their Russian skills and/or participate in the cultural programme offered. The fact that so may return year after year to this programme is a recommendation in itself.

Personally I can highly recommend the organisation. Natalia and her team are highly organised and very caring and run a very happy and purposeful programme.




Geoffrey Richardson.JPGJanuary 2003, July-August 2006, London Session 2013
Thank you so much for this valuable experience!

Jane Caldwell (on the right) and her project group.jpgJuly 2006
It is hard coming down to reality after such a fantastic trip! We really enjoyed all of it, thank you very much for organising the trip to Baikal for us, it was really beautiful. The hospitality of the Russian people was really wonderful and I enjoyed my stay in Siberia even more than I expected to. You will probably be pleased to hear that I am taking Russian classes in Belfast so that I can come back and be a bit more independent. It would be great if you could keep me up to date on your future language camps and programmes as I would like to come back to Russia some time in the next few years. I really loved it there, so many of the people we met were so kind to us.

Ian Hipkin.jpgJanuary 2007, August 2007, January 2008, January 2009
I did so enjoy all aspects of the camp. The children were great. It was good seeing those whom I had met before, and of course getting to know others. Their spontaneity and sense of fun always astound me, and I am so impressed with their knowledge of English. They put my country to shame. It was also good getting to know more people from the UK. The ‘teachers’ were great fun, but it is your ‘conferences’ that bring out the best in us foreigners.