January 2008
I just wanted to say thank you again for showing us all a wonderful time and I hope I get a chance to see you all again at some time in the future!

January 2008, January 2009
I'd like to say thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality and that I take home many very happy memories from my stay in Siberia and that I very much hope to come again next year.

January 2006
The trip was really great, thanks very much. I had a wonderful time, met some great people and had a good experience! If I am welcome, I should like to return to the camp in the future.

August 2002
I really had a wonderful and memorable time in Novosibirsk. I have met some lovely people and hope to see you all again.

Jennifer Holly.jpgJuly 2002

I had a great time here. Thank you so much!

July 2002
It's a very educational event for me, something I'll never forget.

Rachel Bignell.JPGJuly-August 2001
In terms of atmosphere and spirit, the spirit was incredible. I have such a good feeling about all the people I've met here. Everyone was so warm and friendly. It's tough to put the impressions into words.

July-August 2001
Thank you so much for giving me the most memorable experience of my life so far and I will certainly remember it for the rest of my life.

July-August 2001
Loads of love to all of you who made this summer so special.

jackie_brown_third_from_right_standing_and_priya_pattni_second_from_right_standing_with_the_teachers_of_the_second_session_of_the_summer_camp_2000.jpgJuly 2000
Russia has been a great experience for us. We have had a wonderful time here. It has been great and we hope to come back.