Karen Howe and Joera Mulders in the Day of Image Show.jpgAugust 2001
Big thanks again for everything, you really made my stay fantastic.

Janet Dornan (on the left) as a policement and Tatiana, a Russian teacher, after the show.jpgJanuary 2009
Wow!! What an experience!! I keep trying to tell people here, what I was doing, but they cannot get their heads round it. Thank you so much for organising everything for us. Siberian people are so friendly and have fantastic sense of humour.

Gary Buckingham (in the center) and his project group.jpgJuly 2003, January 2006, August 2006, July 2014
Great camp! Hard work but good fun! Good opportunity to meet friends and to learn.
Russia is a very interesting culture and country. Very kind people. Greatly misunderstood by most cultures. Come to Russia!
Come to Siberia!

Kelly Franklin.JPGJanuary 2007
Thanks once again for being so welcoming, look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Elizabeth Wilson.JPGJanuary 2007
Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and you and your family's as well as all the other staff's hospitality to us students and teachers. It really has opened my eyes up to Russian culture and traditions and I plan to try some of them in England! I only wish England was as proud of its traditions as you Russians seem to be of yours!
Anyway I would definitely like to come back - probably in summer next year and as a teacher.
So, thanks again for all your hard dedicated work to making this camp a success and hope we meet again soon!

Dominic Clarkson-Decker.jpgJuly 2008
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to join your progamme. My brief stay in Siberia has painted a fascinating picture which has developed more questions than answers! Indeed, it was wonderful to speak with the many children and to share their experiences of living and learning in Russia.
I was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm with which the children undertook their activities - I hope I may carry these expectations of children into my future teaching.
I wish you all the luck in the future development of the programme - a truly worthwhile venture with so much to offer.

Jonathan Waterlow.JPGJanuary 2008, January 2009
I just wanted to get in touch and say again what a fantastic time I had at the Cosmopolitan camp! Despite the long distance and expenses involved, it was worth every moment and every penny. I will make every effort to come back for future camps.

Tim Winters and Jessica Harrison.jpgJuly 2004, January 2006
What I really want to say to you is a very big thank you for the camp experience! It really does seem to be a very special atmosphere you have on your programmes, with staff and students all
having an enjoyable and unique experience. Thank you :)

Tim Winters and Jessica Harrison.jpgJuly 2004
I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time I had at the camp. You have done an amazing job in setting up this international environment. It was an amazing opportunity to meet Russians, teach English and see a new part of Russia. The trip to Altai was an added bonus! I'm almost certain I'll be back - I'd love to! Now it's great to have a large network of contacts in the neighbouring towns of Novosibirsk who i'm also determined to visit!

from left to right - Sully (Richard O'Sullivan), Simon Bucknall, Jenny Wiliams, Maureen Ramsay .jpgJune-August 2005
I really enjoyed the summer camp and can't wait to be back in Russia.