Victor Chahuneau.jpgJuly 2006, August 2007
Thank you again for that wonderful camp that was even more passionnating that I expected.

Victor Chahuneau (France) and a student before the project presentation.JPG 


Anne-Liza Chatelain and her project group.JPGAugust 2001
I had a great time here! Thank you so much!

Henry and Susan Marchands(in the center) singing Borovoe song with their students.JPGJune 2001
We do talk quite often about our Siberian experience and hope to be able to renew it.

31 Vianna Renaud.jpgJuly 2007
I wanted to thank you for having me along as a teacher. The experience was absolutely amazing;
beyond anything that I had, and could have ever, imagined. The time was wonderful and, after further thought, I wish I could have stayed for another session. This would have given me more of an opportunity to learn Russian and gain more of a cultural experience. Oh well, there is always another time.