July – August 2009, January 2012
I want to thank you again for the wonderful 6 weeks I spent in Siberia this summer. It's strange to be home again in The Netherlands, and I want to go back to Siberia as soon as possible.

Stella van der Werf and Stephen Beet burying a Time Capsule.jpgJuly 2006
Thank you very much for everything! I really want to come to the camp again in the summer.

January 2006
I really enjoyed the camp. Thank you for organizing it!! It was very nice to get to know you and all the others and to teach those sweet students.

January 2005
It was truly one of the best experiences in my life. Thanks again for the great opportunity. I learned so much and really missed the kids as well as Siberia for a long time. Really would like to go back.

August 2002
I appreciate your efforts in making my visit so interesting and worthwhile!

Joera Mulders (sitting) with other volunteer teachers in the Day of Image Show.jpgJuly-August 2001
It is a very educational and worthwhile project.