July 2014

This was my 4th time at Cosmopolitan and my 5th camp in all. However, this was the first time I had come to Russia just for the camp: previously Cosmopolitan had been a stop off while travelling (2003) and breaks from working in Novosibirsk (2006).

It was very touching that natasha remembered me and invited me to attend this session. It has been a little strange being the ONLY international participant but none the less enjoyable and interesting. It has been a great honour both to teach and learn from the students: I have particularly enjoyed talking with the older students but Class 1 has also been great fun. These students have such bright futures ahead of them if they continue to put so much effort into life: it has been a real privilege to witness one small part of this character building of youngsters.

July – August 2012

I was not at all surprised to find that the people are so fantastic, hard-working, enthusiastic and overwhelmingly hospitable. It’s been exhilarating to teach and get to know everyone here – there have been so many laughs and fond memories that I’ll treasure forever. Cannot wait for the next two seasons!

July 2012

Teaching at Cosmopolitan has undoubtedly been one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Yes, it has been challenging at times, but also incredibly rewarding – the eagerness of the students to learn English, along with the warmth and enthusiasm of fellow teachers and leaders has made the whole experience completely worthwhile. Camp life has been utterly absorbing and the two weeks I’ve spent here have passed in a whirlwind, yet I’ve also managed to meet some great people with whom I really hope I remain friends. The opportunity to learn to use Russian in a classroom environment has improved my language ability exponentially – where else would I have learnt to say ‘glue’, ‘chipmunk’ and ‘pine cone’?! But above all, I am astounded at the boundless energy and talent of the wonderful children with whom I’ve had the privilege to work. Thank you all so much!

July 2012

I have loved this experience – everyone from the kids to the leaders and teachers are so friendly and keen to learn, and I have loved teaching English. It has definitely inspired me to consider teaching English to children on my year abroad from University. The camp is a lovely place with a great atmosphere, set in a beautiful part of Russia. It’s been great to see a new part of the country. We’ve had lots of laughs together with the other foreign teachers, and I feel like I have tested and expanded my Russian skills. I hope I’ll be back!

July 2012

From the moment I arrived in Cosmopolitan I have felt welcomed and appreciated by the wonderful people I have met. The warmth and friendliness of the campers has made me feel at home, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute with the amazing children. I would like to thank everybody here at Cosmopolitan for a fantastic and enriching experience.

July 2012

Cosmopolitan has officially become my second family. I was warmly welcomed with open arms, and within a day of being at the camp I knew I’d found a special place. The leaders think not only with their heads, but more importantly, with their hearts also. The children/teenagers I have taught in the special 2 weeks have made it a truly precious experience. I will NEVER forget Cosmopolitan – it’s a truly amazing place that has given me the passion to further learn.

January 2012

I had a fantastic time at Cosmopolitan thanks to your kindness and I will certainly return as soon as I can! 

January 2012

When I arrived here in camp I was struck by the wonderful welcome by both staff and young people. The experience is amazing. The camaraderie among us foreigners together with the ‘natives’. Most amazing of all are the young people who have such enthusiasm in all they do: learning, singing, dancing, having fun, with all ages mingling together. For me, my time spent here was enlightening and enriching!

June 2011

Thank you for the wonderful time spent with you!

July 2010