July 2013

I am very grateful for this experience. I hope to have improved my students language skills. Camp is a wonderful setting for engaging in cultural exchange. The beauty of the physical setting opens up to the beauty of the people and the charms this region holds. I leave with laughter and fondness in my heart.

July 2013

Cosmopolitan Camp has been a very interesting and rewarding experience for me, and I’ve loved getting to know you all. For an American coming to Russia this is an unusual entry point, as people usually visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I feel that coming here brought me closer to the “real Russia”.

The students are smart and most were keenly interested in learning English. I encourage everyone to speak freely and not to worry about mistakes. We all make mistakes! The main thing is to do your best – in English.

There are many talented singers and dancers among you – congratulations! I also encourage you to explore classical culture more deeply, as the influence of American pop culture is, IMHO, not always for the best. Learn, treasure, and develop your own country’s classical heritage, as well as that of other nations.

Although after only 2 weeks, my spoken Russian still leaves much to be desired, I have benefitted enormously from Natasha Borisovna’s patient teaching. She helped “loosen my tongue”, and such personal, one-on-one teaching is “worth a million bucks”.

June – July 2013

This has been an amazing experience for me. I will forever treasure the time that I had here at Cosmopolitan. The children and the staff never ceased being hospitable, and I cannot thank everybody enough. This was an incredibly positive experience and I cannot wait to return to Russia! I will miss you all dearly and I wish you all the best moving forwards.

August 2012

I am very grateful for this opportunity. I’ve had such an incredible time getting to know my fellow teachers, the team leaders and, of course, the students. I really enjoyed seeing their English improve over the course of the session, as well as getting to know them on a personal level. Everyone here has been so incredibly welcoming and kind; I would love to be able to return and, if not, I will fondly remember the good times I’ve had at Cosmopolitan forever.

July – August 2012

This has been a remarkable and enlightening experience. I greatly appreciate this invaluable opportunity strengthen my personal language skills and broaden my worldly understanding. Moreover, I am proud of the students’ excellent progress in the past two weeks and confident as to their future prospects. The students, administration, and my fellow teachers have all been very friendly and helpful. I wish them all the best.

July – September 2012

My experience at Cosmopolitan has been amazing! The children and everyone welcomed me from the start. During English lessons I learnt not only Russian but so much about the children and their culture. The presentations each night were very creative and entertaining showing off everyone’s spectacular personalities. The fact that I barely knew any Russian did not stop me from having a great time. Though it has been exhausting at times it has been worth it. I am looking forward to spending more seasons here and all the new friendships!

July 2012

This was by far one of the loveliest experiences of life. The children were absolutely amazing and so eager to learn. I have never felt so welcomed by such a close group of people in my life. I truly hope to one day return to this camp (hopefully when my Russian is better!) and get to go through this long process once again. The bonds I have made here this summer will truly last a lifetime.

January 2012

June 2011

When I first came to the camp I felt very shy and my roommates had to prod me to unpack. But them we began to have some conversations and I felt more comfortable. I enjoyed the many plays we put on and our trips to Novosibirsk. Though I knew only a little Russian, my teacher Anya really helped me and my Russian improved. 

June 2010

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to teach at Cosmopolitan!  I had a great time and will spread the word about it at my university.